Turning the Tide: Preventing violence against PWA

Written by: Regina Paulose

“The cruelty to and murder of African albinos has not been as widely publicized in our popular media. It should. There’s nothing more abhorrent, nothing more evil than the use of a human soul to expiate some evil spirit; nothing worse than to inflict repeated, continuous pain to a child whose only sin is having been born with a minor genetic variation.”1 Continue reading


Organ Trafficking: No Guts, No Glory

Written by: Regina Paulose

So it began…

Falun Dafa (also referred to as Falun Gong) “is a spiritual discipline that seeks to improve body and ethics. It contains features of traditional systems, like Buddhism and Daoism, combined with a set of gentle exercises. Its core principles are “truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.”[1]  When the spiritual practice was first introduced in 1992 by Li Hongzhi in China it was welcomed, but that reception quickly faded when the group’s membership became larger than that of the Chinese Community Party. Continue reading